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Let's face it… A few ideas on the Internet won't give you a comprehensive career management plan. But we can help you get started on a plan that works for you…

Ask yourself:

What do I know about the workforce and working environment?
You've heard the trends. Downsizing, rightsizing and just-in-time staffing. Corporations are re-structuring and re-inventing the workforce.

Today, you find less stability and less predictable salary growth. You need continuous training and improvement. Is this all bad news? No, but it's a call to action. You must actively manage your own career.

What are my needs, wants and expectations?
First, it's critical to re-evaluate the way you look at relocating for a new position. Odds are you'll face this decision sometime in your career. Better to think about it now before it becomes a crisis.

If relocation is not for you, then geography is your highest priority. Not compensation, job satisfaction or growth potential.

How effective am I in developing a personal career network?
Look at everyone as a career resource:

  • Friends
  • Co-workers past/present
  • Professional associates
  • Suppliers or customers
  • Consultants
  • Recruiters
  • Teachers and classmates

Develop and use this network:

  • Document and maintain your list of contacts
  • Cultivate your network, don't abuse it
  • Choose and use recruiters

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