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If your company does not have an efficient hiring process you will lose qualified candidates to companies who are more aggressive. Associated Recruitment Consultants has some suggestions in this candidate driven market.

Streamline your interview process - When bringing candidates in for interviews, make sure that you are prepared for them. If there is more than one company representative that needs to screen a candidate, try to do it all in one day. Inform the candidate of the interview schedule. Limit your process to 1 or 2 rounds of interviews.

Phone Screening - If a candidate sets aside time from work to be available for a phone screen, make sure that appointment happens and that it happens on time. Do not allow one of the first exposures a candidate has to your company to be negative. Phone screening can be a valuable tool and should be treated as seriously as an on-site interview.

Make offers quickly and competitively - If you believe that a candidate is qualified, do not hesitate to make an offer. Be aware of what the market salary is for each open position. In this candidate driven market you can not afford to lose qualified candidates by making inappropriate offers.

Outside Sourcing - Most companies at one point or another need the assistance of a recruiting firm. The benefits of using an effective recruiting firm are immense. A recruiter will be your right arm in the hiring process. Find a recruiter that has a proven history in the area you are looking to hire and is willing to put you and your company's position requirements first. Expect a recruiter to find the candidates your hiring department could not find on its own. A recruiter is able to post available positions on their web page giving your positions exposure to candidates your company may never have found on its own.

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