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The first and most vital aspect of any assignment is effective communication between the client and consultant in determining the parameters of the position and the corporate culture in which the successful candidate will operate.

Position Identification
An initial interview, either at your offices or by telephone, is undertaken with the hiring manager to determine the specific requirements of the position and to determine the appropriate compensation level. Because we have worked in the real estate industry, we have a unique understanding of your requirements and are able to quickly identify the key hiring issues.
A marketing plan is developed utilizing our extensive computer data base of potential candidates, Internet site, direct contacts, sourcing of potential candidates from competitor firms, and direct or e-mail campaigns.

Candidate Identification
Once the search has been initiated, a preliminary list of potential candidates is developed. Candidates are assessed and evaluated according to the hiring criteria and salary expectations. Candidates are thoroughly briefed on the opportunity being presented to them and how it may be compatible with their own career goals. A short list is developed of qualified candidates who have the right fit for your organization and is presented to the hiring manager.

Interview Process
Interviews are arranged to suit the schedules of the hiring manager and selected candidates. The hiring manager is given a frank assessment of each candidate and the strengths and weakness identified from their resumes and through the interview process. Candidates are briefed as to what to expect from the interview and the job description and company goals are reviewed.
After each interview the candidate and the manager are debriefed in order to determine the correctness of the direction of the search and to address any concerns arising from the interview.

Offer Negotiation
Once the correct candidate has been identified, Associated Recruitment Consultants can assist the employer with the terms of the offer. Our ability to act as an intermediary allows the more difficult areas of the negotiation to be handled in a way that will guarantee that the employee is starting the position in the most positive frame of mind possible.

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