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The intense demand for first-rate employees far surpasses the supply. Companies face serious competition in the labour marketplace. The expanding diversity in our society and the increasing complexities of business has prompted management to seek the assistance of Recruitment Consultants.

We offer the objectivity of a third party perspective. We can assure you that our role in this process does not end with the introduction of the candidate. Our clients understand the benefit of having us actively involved throughout the hiring process. This involvement casts us in the role of an information conduit. Prior to each interview, we will inform you and the candidate on all points that are important to ensure a good, frank, and honest exchange. Likewise, after each interview, we will discuss with both of you, your reactions, areas of concern and willingness to proceed. Many times, because of our unique relationship with the candidate, we will be privy to information that can be particularly important at offer time.

Our proactive recruiting approach aggressively identifies and recruits strong, currently successful performers who are usually not "looking", and may not otherwise be available to you.

Our extensive database of employees, customers and contacts provides virtually instant response to staffing requests. We strive to complete the assignment with the speed needed to source the talent that matches the client needs. Unique to our industry, Associated Recruitment Consultants serves only the real estate community.

Client communication will be facilitated by a knowledgeable recruiter who has lived and worked in your industry.

As you consider your present and future hiring needs, allow Associated Recruitment Consultants to play a key role in staffing your organization. Together, we will build a long-term team approach resulting in a more efficient, cost effective, hiring process.

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